History Edit

Maron Dalt

Maron was born in Lemonwood as the youngest of three brothers. He spent much of his early childhood in the Water Gardens near Sunspear. During his teenage years he acted as squire for a dornish hedge knight by the name of Ser Ulwyck.

Important Events Edit

Sixth Era: Edit

Maron's cousin, Eleyna, gave up her seat at the head of House Dalt in favour of Maron's father, Trystane. Trystane, in turn, name Maron his heir after his eldest brother has yet to return from Braavos and his middle brother went to train at the Citadel in Oldtown.

Maron, after successfully defeating a small band of pirates, stayed back with his Captain of the Guard, Arron. Only a little over a day's ride from Lemonwood, Maron murdered Arron in his sleep.

Family Edit

Trystane Dalt, father

Quenton Dalt, brother

Arthur Dalt, brother

Lomas Dalt, uncle (deceased)

[Dalt|Eleyna Dalt], cousin

Casella Dalt, cousin

Janna Dalt, cousin

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