Marq Beesbury is the Lord of House Beesbury and the father of Donnel Beesbury. He was born a second son and is a man of large girth. He is rumored to engage in acts of necrophilia.

Recent HistoryEdit

Second EraEdit

Lord Marq hires a man named Blackhand along with several other men to bring him dead corpses for reasons unknown.

Fourth EraEdit

The Beesbury lord was able to attain the position of squire to Gerold Hightower for his son, Donnel Beesbury.

He and his men supported Gylen Hightower in his claim for the throne, and Marq made up a part of Gerold Hightower's camp.

Marq was captured when Damon Lannister's host assaulted Horn Hill.


"The man was clearly a lord of Beesbury: Portly and fair, with a hive of dense, curly amber hair covering his dome and crawling down his chops." - Blood and Whispers

"Lord Beesbury is a man of odd tastes.” - Blackhand

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