Matthos Snow

Matthos Snow is the adpoted son of Roger Cray and Marissa Peat. His real mother and father are currently unknown.

History Edit

Matthos Snow was born in the year 490AC to a couple at the time living in Swamphorn, Home of House Cray. Shortly after his birth, his legitimate Father was hung by Roger Cray for an unknown crime. Fearing for her life, Matthos' legitimate Mother fled the village, never to be heard of again and also deserting her young son.

It is unknown why Roger Cray took in the baby Matthos as his own son but Matthos has lived as a bastard of the Lord of House Cray for nearly all his life and despite his attachment to the family, has received constant disdain and hatred from the rest of the community in Swamphorn, suggesting that the crime his father committed has had a lasting effect on House Cray.

Important Events Edit

Sixth Era Edit

Matthos expressed his hatred of the way the community treats him and his envy of his "brother", Hareth Cray to Roger whom attempted to reassure Matthos that he was a legitimate member of the Cray family even without his name.

He finds a Weirwood tree in The Neck.

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