Melessa Tyrell is the wife of Lord Olyvar Tyrell, and the Lady of Highgarden. She was born a Merryweather and is one of the youngest daughters of Lord Owen Merryweather. She is younger than Olyvar, closer to his sister Meredyth's age than his. 

Fifth Era Edit

Melessa Merryweather is wed to the new Lord of Highgarden, Olyvar Tyrell. She fantasizes about her future as the Lady of Highgarden, imaging how perfect everything will be.

Sixth Era Edit

Melessa becomes pregnant despite her and her husband's rather loveless marriage. She later gives birth to a daughter, Elyana Tyrell.

Seventh Era Edit

The Tyrells continued to attempt to produce a male heir for Highgarden. They were unsuccessful, instead only managing three failed pregnancies in a row.

Eighth Era Edit

Melessa became pregnant for a fifth time, however, following a small incident, her husband, Olyvar, required she be confined to bedrest for the remainder of her pregnancy; despite both Melessa and the maester of Highgarden agreeing such measures were unnecessary.

While Olyvar was away in Oldtown, Melessa hosted both the Most Devout, as well as her goodsister, Meredyth Tyrell. During Meredyth's stay, the two women rekindled their old friendship, and Melessa decided to defy her husband's order of rest in favor of attending Lady Ashara's ball, an idea given to her by Meredyth herself.