Melessa Tyrell is the wife of Lord Olyvar Tyrell, and the Lady of Highgarden. She was born a Merryweather and is one of the youngest daughters of Lord Owen Merryweather

She is younger than Olyvar, closer to his sister Meredyth's age than his. Over the course of their four year marriage, Melessa found herself with child four times, however, only one pregnancy lasted the full term and produced a child- Elyana Tyrell, the heiress of Highgarden.

Eighth Era Edit

Melessa became pregnant for a fifth time, despite she and Olyvar's particularly asexual marriage. Following a small incident, her husband, Olyvar, required she be confined to bedrest for the remainder of her pregnancy; despite both Melessa and the maester of Highgarden agreeing such measures were not necessary.