Ser Merlon Crakehall, The Butcher of Bitterbridge, was an infamous member of the usurper King Durran Baratheon's Kingsguard during the War of the Split Stag, continuing his service under King Orys II Baratheon until his death during the Second Greyjoy Rebellion.


Short-fused and fierce, Merlon earned his moniker "The Butcher of Bitterbridge" during the bitter final years of the War of the Split Stag when the forces of King Lyonel Baratheon were broken and routed during the Battle of Bitterbridge, leading to the eventual victory of Durran.

During the battle, it is said that Merlon singlehandedly killed Ser Guncer I Sunglass, the Lord Commander of Lyonel's Kingsguard, along with countless others in the press. He killed Ser Guncer's horse and crushed the man's skull with his war hammer before flipping the commander's corpse off the bridge and into the red waters of the Mander.


“...The next time I catch you remiss in your duties, I will bring Ser Merlon home, and then you shall know what it means to fear." - Renly Baratheon to Ser Humfrey Celtigar

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