Mina Swyft is the widow of the late Lord Swyft.

History Edit

When little, she often visited Casterly Rock and was a close childhood companion of Jocelyn Crakehall. She was known to be a wild youth, often mischievous and rebellious to authority.

When Gerion Lannister hosted a feast for his wife's nameday, Mina and Jocelyn drank far too much wine. They drunkenly conspired to steal a dress from Cyrenna Plumm's chambers, but failed miserably and Mina was caught red-handed.

Recent History Edit

First Era Edit

Lady Mina lost her husband and two oldest sons to the Ascent of the Lion

Sixth Era Edit

Lady Mina begged her nephew-in-law to set out to find her lost son, Arthur, and ask Lady Locelyn of House Crakehall to sent aid to Cornfield as to keep the peace in the succession crisis.

Family Members Edit

Lord Swyft, husband (deceased)

Arthur Swyft, son

Steffon Swyft, son

Duncan Swyft, son (deceased)

Jon Swyft, son (deceased)

Lann Swyft, nephew-in-law

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