Lord Morgryn Redwyne is the uncle to Lord Ferment and Clement Redwyne, and the youngest brother of their father, Lord Hobor Redwyne, and Grand Maester Paxtor. His older sisters are Alysanne Tyrell and Madelyn Hightower.

He became the Lord of the Arbor after his nephews were convicted of high treason, and later executed.

Morgryn's father married him to the daughter of a wealthy Braavosi merchant. His marriage to Eleyna of Braavos brokered a deal to bring Arbor wines to the Free City.

Morgryn and Eleyna have three sons, Erren, Parmen, and Arryk, as well two younger twin daughters named Desmera and Margaery. Parmen died during the War of the False King.

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