Morya Charlton

Morya Charlton is the eldest child of Lord Addison Charlton, and his first and only daughter.

History Edit

Morya grew up in House Charlton's ancestral seat of Sprig's Host. Her mother died when she was six due to an infection, and so Morya grew up with a family of only men. Though no stranger to a lady's courtesies and duties, Morya was trained in the arts of combat and tactics by her highly militaristic father. She grew up to be a most accomplished warrior, never having left the Charlton lands, but striking fear in the hearts of any criminals that roamed it.

Recent History Edit

Sixth Era Edit

Morya, left to rule from Sprig's Host while her father made his yearly inspection around the Charlton lands, killed Ser Pearse, and knight gone rogue, and two of his comrades.

Family Members Edit

Lord Addison Charlton, father

Lady Margot Charlton, mother(deceased)

Albar Charlton, brother

Allard Charlton, brother

Andar Charlton, brother

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