Damaged goods, but still exquisite

Myg is a whore and thief from King's Landing and former squire to Ser Garlan Hardyng. She is currently a member of the Sisters of Sisterton.


Myg was born in Flea Bottom to an unknown father and Elyce, a whore who was formerly a handmaiden for House Westerling. Ashamed by a mysterious past and her fall into whoredom, Elyce became a drunkard who paid little attention to her daughter, dying when the girl was 7. Shortly after her mother's death Myg was put to work as a prostitute at The Sleeping Dove brothel but quickly took to the streets learning how to thieve as a preferred method of survival. She is adept, though untrained, with daggers and small blades which she keeps concealed on her person. Myg was also the primary caretaker for three whore-born orphans while at The Sleeping Dove.

Important EventsEdit

Third EraEdit

After she saved his life, Ser Garlan Hardyng employed Myg as his squire for the Tournament of the Hand. While squiring at the tournament, Cortland Darry, Erryk Storm and Arryk Storm brutally murder the three children who had been under her care. Devastated by these events, Myg attempted a plea before King Damon Lannister in open court but was curtly dismissed.

Fourth EraEdit

Feeling slighted by the King and consumed by grief, Myg decided to leave the capital with Garlan Hardyng, too grief stricken to care where they went. Garlan continued to train Myg as his squire as the two roamed the countryside of the Crownlands, the Stormlands, and the Dornish Marches together. While exploring Summerhall, Garlan and Myg had a falling out just before being attacked by the Sisters of Sisterton who abducted Myg and left Garlan for dead.

Fifth EraEdit

Myg was brought back to the Stormlands were she was inducted into the ranks of the Sisters of Sisterton.


"Was that a woman squiring for you down there? Is that all you can afford to have now? Or is it that you can't find anyone willing to squire for a traitor and you paid a whore to hold your lance instead of warming your bed?" - Nathaniel Arryn to Garlan Hardyng

"Garlan turned and left. He had a whore squire to find." - Garlan Hardyng


Elyce, mother (deceased)

Nela, brothel orphan (deceased)

Pate, brothel orphan (deceased)

Gendric, brothel orphan (deceased)

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