Myles Piper is the Lord of Pinkmaiden.


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Myles and Kyra Piper

Myles Piper is the patriarch of House Piper and was born the first son of the late Lord Lewys Piper and Lady Mariya Piper (Formerly Lady Mariya Darry, sister of the late Lord Tristan Darry). His father, Lord Lewys Piper was recently murdered by a band of bandits while hunting along the Red Fork. After his father's funeral, Myles has assumed lordship of Pinkmaiden.

His mother, Lady Mariya Piper at the age of eight and fifty, survives her late husband. She spends her days staying strong and advising her son, but at night she mourns for her husband.

His sister, Lady Kyra Piper, is the second child of the late Lord Lewys Piper. Her beauty is known throughout the Riverlands, with her wavy red hair and hazel eyes. She is a proper lady and truly cares for the people. She is currently not married.

His younger brother, Olyvar Piper, is the second son and third child of the late Lord Lewys Piper. After the passing of their father, Myles and Olyvar have grown close and have both vowed to hunt down and bring justice to their father's murderers. Olyver can oftentimes be found at Myles' side, looking up to him as a father figure and wanting to help him in anyway he can.

Myles was with his father's hunting party when Lewys was murdered. His father's dogs were on a scent and Lewys went ahead of the party to investigate. When Myles had found him it was too late, his father lay there holding his wounds. His last words, "bandits, protect our home... our people... " and his house's words, " brave and beautiful my son..."

Now, at the age of eighteen Myles Piper sits as Lord of Pinkmaiden. He is a bachelor and looking for a noble, brave and beautiful Lady to take as his wife. Protecting his family and it's lands is his current priority, however he will never forget his father's last words.

Important EventsEdit

Third EraEdit

Became Lord of Pinkmaiden after his father's murder. Signed an accord requesting King Damon make Brynden Frey Lord Paramount of the Riverlands and oust Edwin Frey at a secret meeting at the Twins.


Sixth Era Edit

Sir Alyn Blacktyde an esteemed knight for the house was fighting bandits, when he found that one of them had information about the death of the former lord of pinkmaiden. He brought the thief back to the dungeon, for interrogation and later his execution for his part in the crime as well as for his deeds as a bandit.


"I will find the people that are responsible for the death of my father."


Criston Piper (cousin)

Kyra Piper (sister)

Olyvar Piper (brother)

Lewys Piper (father)

Mariya Piper (mother)

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