The Nightsong Conflict took place in the Fifth Era when Bael Ashford and Sebastion Foote took control of Nightsong during Lord Corliss Caron's and his family's absence.

The Conflict Edit

The seizing of Nightsong was planned by Lord Ashford years before it happened, due to his wish to avenge the death of his sister Alerie by killing the whole House Caron and place his nephew, Maeron Storm, as the new lord of Nightsong. Sebastion Foote's participation in this plot was due to the love he harbored for Alerie Ashford and the despair he felt at her death and Bryce's refusal of acknowledging Maeron as his own. This brought Sebastion to act and arrange his death during his voyage to Driftmark.

When the Carons left Nightsong to attend Orys Connington's war council, Bael and Sebastion took advantage of it and seized Nightsong peacefully with the help of the captain of the guard, Ser Lorent Swygert. Ser Swygert arranged for Maeron to return home from Storm's End. When he learnt of the truth of his lineage, he joined the Ashford in his plan. During the occupation, no raven were allowed to leave the rookery and were shot down. Only thanks to Maester Henly, who sacrificed his life to send a raven, the Carons were informed of the happenings in Nightsong.

To ensure their liege lord's support and strengthen her son's position in the kingdom, she arranged for him to marry Orys' daughter, Cassana. To protect Rhaenys from eventual assassination attempts, Alys Caron sent her to seek the Queen's protection and remained in King's Landing throughout the conflict.

The siege of Nightsong Edit

The joined forces of House Caron and the other Stormlands' houses sieged Nightsong for days before Corliss suggested scaling the walls as otherwise the battle would have ended with their death and not their enemies. They infiltrated Nightsong at nightfall when a small group of men led by Alyn Connington opened the doors of Nightsong as Corliss and his men sought Bael Ashford. Predicting his inevitable death, Bael Ashford killed Sebastion Foote first, before trying to poison himself. This was prevented as Corliss himself drew his sword through his throat in a fit of rage. Maeron Storm managed to escape in the confusion of the battle.

Aftermath Edit

Corliss Caron resumed ruling Nightsong with his new wife and started rebuilding.

Rhaenys Caron became Queen Danae's handmaiden.

Ellyn Foote, Sebastion's daughter, became a ward of Corliss. Marya Foote declared that as only women remained in House Foote, Corliss' second son would inherit the Foote's lands.

Ser Lorent Swygert was stripped of his captain of the guard's title but remained all the same in service of the Caron's household.

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