Nohia Rogare is a Noblewoman from Volantis, and is the mother of Alequo, Elena, and Moro Qhaedar.

History Edit

Nohia was born in 472 AC to Aero Rogare and Rohanne of Lys. The majority of her early years were spent in Lys, and Nohia was shipped away at the age of sixteen to Volantis, and wed Noho Qhaedar soon after. They had three children over the course of the next twelve years, Alequo, Elena, and Moro Qhaedar. During the first sack of Volantis, Nohia's dress caught ablaze and she suffered burns along her right leg.

Fifth Era Edit

Early in the fifth era, Nohia departed for the free city of Myr, on the basis of allowing her children to experience life outside of Volantis. Seeing a potential to build a relationship between Volantis and the other free cities, Nohia requested to leave as a diplomat speaking for Volantis. The Sellsword Council ruled in favor of her being a diplomat, and as such, Nohia departed for Volon Therys, and briefly afterwards, Myr.

Quotes Edit


Family Members Edit

{Aero Rogare} - Father, deceased

{Rohanne of Lys} - Mother, deceased

{Merollo Rogare} - Brother, deceased

Noho Qhaedar - Husband

Alequo Qhaedar - Son

Elena Qhaedar - Daughter

Moro Qheadar - Son

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