Old Jon is an elderly ranger of the Night's Watch stationed at Castle Black. Formerly an Ironborn serving under the Harlaws; he has transformed himself into an exemplary crow. He only has three teeth left in his mouth, numerous injuries range from missing fingers to a mangled ear.


First EraEdit

Old Jon was captured by Lannister men while commanding a reaving. Knowing their Lord was related to theIronborn via marriage, the commanding officer secretly arranged for Jon to be sent to the wall instead of an execution. He was widely held as one of the most vicous warriors in the Night's Watch and is one of the ffew who killed a wight while on a ranging.

Fifth Era Edit

Old Jon began a tour of the Westerlands. A surprise attendee of Clegane Keep's open court; he met with Lord Gerion Clegane and his bastard son Loren Hill. His recruitment was a minor sucess, with a hedge knight and five smallfolk agreeing to take the black.

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