Olymar Tarth is hedge knight and a excommunicated member of the now defunct Divine Company in which he was member of the Crone's Servants.


History Edit

As a distant cousin to Quentyn of Tarth, Olymar was sent to live with various local lords and septons around the Stormlands during his early years. The heavy presence of the faith of seven while growing up influenced the his decision when of age to go join the Divine Company being assigned to The Crone's Servants division due to his relations to the lords of the Stormlands.

During one diplomatic mission to the Iron Islands his party was ambushed by fanatical drowned priests leading to the death of most of his men and his own imprisonment during which he was heavily tortured. Eventually this led to him renouncing his faith of the seven and declaring for the Drowned God. Once free from the fanatics the now mutilated Olymar once again declared for the seven but his attempt to contact the Divine Company were ignored.

Upon returning to the mainland his ship was quickly boarded by a knight from the Men of Mercy who demanded Olymar to accompany him to the local septry. Learning of his excommunication and impending execution by the Company, Olymar renounced all faith and full of the rage of what felt like a betrayal to him easily dispatched the novice knight and decorated the local septry in the corpse of the fallen man (rumours of what actually happened in the septry have been extremely exaggerated).

With dark brown hair and green eyes, Olymar stands just above the height of a average man, with a muscular build. Normally seen wearing his now faded black Divine Company robes with matching cloak. All badges of the faith have been cut out or dyed over. He carry's his longsword on his right side with a smaller hunting knife on his lower back. Often he is seen with a large two handed sword slung over his shoulder which he has never been seen to use. Olymar constantly wears a badly burnt left pauldron and gauntlet to protect his heavy mutilated left arm, it is said that the armour was fused to his skin by the fanatics. On his horse he carry's his darkened steel chest plate previously adorned with images of the faith which have been subsequently been chiselled and is now left with what has become his unofficial sigil of a broken, scratched or burnt 7 pointed star.

Family Edit

Quentyn of Tarth, cousin

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