Olyvar Piper is heir to Pinkmaiden Castle, second son to the late Lewys Piper.   He is 15, with short light curly red hair and hazel eyes, slim and average strength.  His late father Lewys Piper never seen to his training as a young lordling or in the art of combat, focusing all of those efforts on his heir Myles Piper.  With much time on his hands, Olyvar filled his days with reading adventure books on the shores of the Red Fork river.  He shows no interests in girls, his brother Myles noticing that he enjoys the company of men better.

Important EventsEdit

Third EraEdit

Olyvar Piper became ward of House Frey upon agreement between his Lord brother Myles Piper and Brynden Frey during a secret meeting in Brynden's Solar.

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