Ordello is the former Captain of the Guard for House Wyl in The Boneway.

He is originally from Pentos, escaping the city's destruction with his sister, they fled to Dorne. Lord Walter Wyl brought him on as a guard after seeing his physical prowess first hand in a brawl.

He is known to use a whore named Brella to send letters to his sister in the Sunspear's refugee camps.

Ordello despises Lord Walter's son, the new Lord Timeon Wyl. Timeon often refers to Ordello as The Oaf, and demoted him to a plain guard in order to promote his friend, Ser Kirth.

Ordello was arrested by Lord Timeon and charged with the murder of Walter Wyl some months after the crime. Instead of being executed, Timeon kept his rival and father's murderer imprisoned in the tunnels beneath castle Wyl. Ordello has presumably suffered torture as punishment for his crime- now missing his tongue as well as being seen as physically broken.