Paxtor Redwyne is the Grand Maester for the Iron Throne.


Paxtor Redwyne was born to the Redwyne family as a second son. At the age of ten he left the Arbor to study at the Citadel, having decided that he would never inherit.

He was eight and ten when he was given the position of second archivist in the Citadel’s library. From there, he moved to the rookery, overseeing the reproduction, distribution, and retrieval of messages, before being named to the Court of Knowledge.

Between his duties to the Citadel he taught a number of lectures to novices, his focus on law, heraldry, and history. In his forty-third year he was raised to the status of Archmaester and presented with a mask, ring, and rod of brass. He was given command of the archives relating to matters of inheritance, succession, treaties, wills, and decrees.

Recent HistoryEdit

Third EraEdit

In his fifty-sixth year, Paxtor was elected by the Conclave to the position of Grand Maester following the death of Grand Maester Orin. Paxtor quickly formed a bond with Queen Danae Targaryen, but King Damon Lannister distrusted him.

Fourth EraEdit

Paxtor informed Lady Jeyne Lannister of the King's sleeping troubles. She attempted to help her nephew by putting milk of the poppy in his tea, ignoring the Grand Maester's counsel to dilute it well. Rymar Royce, the Master of Whisperers for the Iron Throne, eventually put a stop to her efforts after the poppy caused Damon's behavior to become erratic.

Fifth EraEdit

During the fifth era, Grand Maester Paxtor began studying dragons and dragonfire in earnest, intent on discovering the reason behind the continuous flame atop the Hightower after the War of the False King. He tempered this research with his study of the astronomical. Noting strange occurrences in the sky.

The fifth era concluded when an astronomical phenomena that Paxtor had been observing came to fruition in a week-long event of shimmering, flashing strands of lights in the night sky. Daena, the second child of House Lannister Targaryen was born under Paxtor's care.

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