Peizhi Han is an exiled Princess from the eastern land of Yi Ti. She is the daughter of Han-Po, the 11th Emerald Emperor.

History Edit

Princess Peizhi was born under the waxing moon in the Great city of Yin. She is the youngest child of the 11th emerald emperor Han Po, one of the three God-Emperors who rule the Golden Empire of Yi Ti. She spent most of her youth confined to the Royal Lion Garden where she lived along side her seven brothers and 4 sisters.

One unfortunate evening she was playing with her eldest brother Chai Ho, who was destined to rule after her father. He was know to be one of the crueler siblings and an altercation ensued between them where Chai Ho was wounded. His wounds later proved to be fatal and this resulted in Peizhi being exiled at the behest of many of her oldest siblings.

Recent Events Edit

Sixth Era Edit

Peizhi arrives at the city of Qarth aboard the ship The Tonghan. She takes refuge at the Tourmaline Brotherhood after convincing them that she is a legitimate envoy from Yi-Ti. Here Marro Zo Parhl, a Tourmaline brother, takes a liking to her under the false pretenses that she still an heir to Yi-Ti.

Notable Family Edit

Emperor Han Po, Father

Chai Ho Han, Brother (deceased)

Meng Han, Sister

Lo Han, Brother

Tao Han, Brother

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