Ser Philip Plumm is the firstborn child of Lord Ossifer and Lady Cyrenna


and heir to House Plumm.

History Edit

Philip grew up being tailored to lordship. He is considered an honorable man and is well respected.

Recent History Edit

First Era Edit

Ser Philip lead House Plumm's forces alongside his father during the Ascent of the Lion.

Fourth Era Edit

Ser Philip lead House Plumm's forces in the War of the False King, however few they were.

Quotes Edit

Phillip is a knight. Well respected. Smart." - Eon Crakehall

Philip’s a fool. He listens too closely to Father and doesn’t think for himself.” - Joanna Plumm

Family Edit

Ossifer Plumm, father

Cyrenna Plumm, mother

Joanna Plumm, sister

Edmyn Plumm, brother

Maynard Plumm, uncle