Quentyn Uller is the Lord of Hellholt.


Lord Quentyn Uller is the eldest child of the late Lord Raymar Uller, at six and twenty years, and brother to Lady Dorea Uller. While Ellaria took after their father, being hot-tempered and passionate, Quentyn stayed true to the old Dornish saying "Half the Ullers are half-mad, and the other half are worse". He was, from a very early age, prodigiously inclined when it came to strategy and planning, but he carried a constant sense of paranoia. The only one who could soothe him in his darkest moments was Dorea. As such, Quentyn maintains an extremely close relationship with her, although the smallfolk tell many tales of exactly how close their relationship is. He keeps a household guard almost twice the size of any other lord, and demands that if any lord other than the Lords Martell wish to meet him, they must meet him at Hellholt, the ancient seat of House Uller. With heavy tensions in Dorne, Lord Uller has had to recently come out of his seclusion.

Important EventsEdit

Third EraEdit

Quentyn recently traveled to Sunspear to bring home his sister Dorea to their ancestral castle of Hellholt. It is said he has strengthened the castle walls, doubled the guard and made Hellholt a death trap for any invader. Quentyn holds court and finds that his extravagant spending on defense and security is causing issues for the smallfolk.


"The safest place in the world is when I am in your arms and you are in mine." - Quentyn to Dorea Uller during his visit to Sunspear.


Lord Oberyn Uller: Great-Grandfather, Dead.

Lady Sansa (Yronwood) Uller: Great Grandmother, Dead.

Princess Aelia (Uller) Martell: Grand Aunt, Dead.

Lord Damron Uller: Grandfather, Dead.

Lady Sansa (Dayne) Uller: Grandmother, Dead.

Lord Raymar Uller: Father, Dead.

Lord Gerold Uller: Uncle, Dead.

Lady Dorea Uller: Sister, Five and Twenty.

Lady Ellaria Uller: Cousin, Seven and Twenty.

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