Racallio is a merchant and a prominent member of a Tyroshi dye cartel, known colloquially as the Redhands.


Racallio was born in Tyrosh to a dockworker and his wife. He spent his youth working on the docks of Tyrosh, loading and unloading valuable cargos worth many times his own weight in coin. After the death of his father, he took to piracy.

In a war between Tyrosh and Myr, he captained his ship, the Dagger, into battle numerous times against the Myrish. On the last engagement his ship was split asunder, but not before he had taken several Myrish ships as his prize. Rather than sell the vessels and their cargo, he took them for his own, and began a fledgling merchant trade.

The dye trade was the most lucrative in Tyrosh, and Racallio had seen how the cartel men had swaggered around the city dripping in coloured silks, their fingers thick with rings. It was then that he bought a stake in the red dye cartel.

Recent HistoryEdit


You are mine, as surely as the thoughts in my head - Racallio to a slave girl

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