Red Rosey Flowers

Red Rosey Flowers is a bastard born acolyte of the Lord of Light currently studying with several others, under the guidance of Master Nysseros of Volantis. Nysseros views her as the most comptent of all his acolytes as she is the most perceptive, dedicated and gifted. She currently resides in King's Landing.

Important Events Edit

Third Era: Edit

Nysseros with the help of Red Rosey and under the instruction of Lord Gylen Hightower, captured two Dornish guardsmen in an attack upon Princess Sarella Martell's quarters. In their attack they overheard Sarella and Areo Allyrion talking in bed. They learnt that Sarella had arranged an affair with the King Damon Lannister, and that she arranged for the death of Queen Aeslyn Targaryen.

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