Renfred Rykker is the current Lord of Duskendale. He has counted 30 Namedays. He is a hard men to most that see him. He owns a boar hound named Rex.

History Edit

Renfred is the eldest son and child of Jaremy Rykker and Selyse Stokeworth. From birth, he was raised to be the Lord of Duskendale. He was a hard child while growing up, preferring to train then play with other kids. While he loves his brother and sister, they both agree that he did not spend enough time as children. Growing up, he trained with swords, axes, morning stars and lances, but only found solace and aptitude while wielding an axe.

Renfred spent many a day with his father, training with his axes. Jaremy Rykker was a kindly man who always seemed to have time for his kids, especially Renfred. Jaremy took Renfred's training into his own hands (WIP)

Family Edit

Lord Jaremy Rykker - Father

Lady Selyse Stokeworth - Mother

Ser Robert Rykker - Brother

Tanda Rykker - SIster

Tanselle Rykker - Aunt

Lord Androw Manderly - Cousin

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