Lady Rhaenyra Celtigar of Claw Isle is the younger sister of Lord Myles Celtigar.


Born two months earlier than expected in 486 AC, Rhaenyra's first months in the world were a struggle between life and death. She was small and sickly, and was not expected to survive. Luckily enough, Claw Isle had a skillful Maester whose careful tending allowed Rhaenyra to live. As she grew older, she remained frail and sickly, and for this reason Rhaenyra has never left Claw Isle. She was close to her sister Daena up until her death.

Recent HistoryEdit

Third EraEdit

After her sister's death by execution, Rhaenyra was caught upon a steep slope of grief, though briefly aftewards ran in with Andrik Harlaw, who helped bring her back from depression.

Fifth Era Edit

Rhaenyra attended the Queen's Feast, and gave her maidenhead to Corliss Caron, though quickly came to regret the decision. Dagon Greyjoy and Rhaenyra fell close the morning afterwards.


Daena Celtigar, elder sister (deceased)

Myles Celtigar, older brother (deceased)

Naera Celtigar, younger sister.

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