Rhaenys Caron is the sister of Corliss Caron, the Lord of Nightsong. Currently one of Queen Danae Targaryen's handmaidens.



Before the start of the First Era, Lord Bryce Caron, named in honor of his ancestor, would be married to the Lady Alys Velaryon, the eldest daughter of Robert Velaryon, giving him two children. Rhaenys is their only daughter and the second of Lord Caron and Alys's children.

Even in her childhood Rhaenys was a timid and meek, because of the cloistered life she led. Not being able to leave Nightsong's walls, she read books, a lot of them and enjoyed spending time with Maester Henly, asking him about her House and other Houses. Visitors, mostly traders from Dorne, the Reach and the other parts of the Stormlands, were frequent at Nightsong. She would hesitate to ask them questions, so she would listen to them talking for hours before her mother or her septa would appear to take her to another lesson.

She travelled with fantasy from her room to the Fist of the First Men beyond the Wall whenever she saw a crow fly by her window, thinking about the brave man of the Nightwatch and to Sunspear in Dorne, whenever she would feel the warm breeze coming from Dorne through the window. Sometimes her fantasy would even wander far beyond the Narrow Sea, to Essos while she was attending Septa Donyse's lessons, causing her to prickle her fingers with the needle. Her only moment of freedom as a child was whenever she would go riding with her father, who was idolized by the little girl. And those horse rides continued even as she got older.

Rhaenys grew up to be a proper lady, much like her mother, although she still retained her shyness and childlike curiosity for everything new from childhood. She is an innocent(sometimes to the point of naivety) and sweet girl, who cares deeply for the well-being of her people and her family. This is why she was left scarred by the death of her father in a shipwreck, while he was on his way to Driftmark in 499. Her usual horse ride with her brother ceased altogether for it reminded her of her father. Her brother succeeded their father as the Lord of Nightsong and Rhaenys tried to help him in whatever way she could, such as dealing with tasks when he is too busy.

Important EventsEdit

First EraEdit

Rhaenys was put in charge of Nightsong during her brother's absence due to the Council on Bloodstone.

Fourth EraEdit

Rhaenys leaves Nightsong for the first time, for Corliss' betrothal to Rhaenyra Celtigar. They arrived in Storm'sEnd, where Corliss would participate in the war council summoned by Lord Orys Connington. Rhaenys met Lord Lewys Penrose during her stay thanks to his kitten, Terrence.

Rhaenys arrived and stayed in the Red Keep where she met King Damon and his kitten. She took care of her mother, who showed signs of illness.

Fifth Era Edit

Rhaenys saw her brother's arrival in King's Landing and partecipated at the Queen's Feast. There she met Lord Penrose's sister, Sansa and became friends; Dagon Greyjoy, their cousin Larra Redwyne. She paid her respects to Queen Danae, who invited her to join her and Meredyth Tyrell in the gardens whenever she wanted.

Rhaenys in the days following the Queen Feast discovered the existence of Edric Waters, by reading the letter Varyo Velaryon had sent Alys, and later the unfaithfulness of her father to his wife. She was so shocked by the relation she fainted. She decided to leave for Driftmark to meet Edric, accompanied by Ser Jonothor Selmy. There she got acquaitanted with her uncle Hothor Velaryon and Velaena Waters.

She later attended her brother's wedding to Cassana Connington with her mother.

At some point after the wedding, at her mother's suggestion she left for the Red Keep to ask for Queen Danae's protection and stayed in the Red Keep as her handmaiden even after the Occupation of Nightsong had seen her brother victorious.

Sixth Era Edit

Currently a handmaiden to Queen Danae. She attended the Queen's Ball where Ser Alyn Florent tried to ask her to dance, she hesitated but before she could give out an answer, her older brother Corliss spilled wine on him. He then tricked him into wearing her chemise by convincing him that it was his spare shirt. This incident has caused a strain in her relationship with her brother.


“Father used to say: 'There is no nobility without obligation. Everything we have, everything we possess, even our lives, we owe it to our land and our people. Those who do not realize this are either too prideful to admit the fact or too stupid to notice.'' -Rhaenys quoting her father.

"There is no glory in bloodshed."

"Like a little bird, Rhaenys had never seen the world beyond her golden cage." - Sebastion Foote

"Rhaenys is sweet as a nightingale, this is true. Unfortunately her family is anything but."- Alysanne Rogers

"You are your father's child." -Velaena Waters's first impression of Rhaenys


Alys Caron, mother

Bryce Caron, father (deceased)

Corliss Caron, brother

Varyo Velaryon, uncle

Daelys Velaryon, uncle

Marya Foote, aunt

Ellyn Foote, cousin

Tya Foote, cousin

Sebastion Foote, uncle(deceased)

Larra Redwyne, cousin

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