Rhaenys Velaryon is a pretender to the Civil Crown of Lys and the eldest child of Varyo Velaryon and Lyaan Ormollen, born in 502 AC.

Recent Events Edit

Second Era Edit

Rhaenys was born on Lys, soon after her father took over the city.

Third Era Edit

After a falling out between her parents, Rhaenys was secluded upon the House of Lohar. 

Fourth Era Edit

Rhaenys' parents reconciled, and her education coninued.

Fifth Era Edit

A situation where Rhaenys was almost put into danger by the Lysene Chamber almost led to Varyo starting a massacre.

Sixth Era Edit

Rhaenys was noted stealing books and writings from her father's desk. Varyo decided to begin her martial education with the assistance of her uncle Daelys.  

Seventh Era Edit

Rhaenys had a number of fallings out with her tutors, and continued stealing books and notes written by her father.

After the realisation of Lady Rin's plans, Varyo was betrayed and a planned coup went into action. Rhaenys was secluded on the House of Lohar, although war galleys besieged the isle. After Lyaan's death, the Prince managed to make it to the island and planned an escape.

Unfortunately, they were cut off by traitors. Rhaenys was crowned by Varyo, and he was killed making sure he and Daelys were able to escape the city.

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