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Rickard Mormont is the son of the late Jeor and Lysa Mormont. His aunt Dacey Mormont is currently the head of House Mormont.

History Edit

Rickard grew up at Bear Island. Being the eldest son of Jeor and Lysa Mormont, Rickard knew he would be the heir to the Mormont legacy. Growing up, Rickard would often be found in the training yard, honing his skills to perfection.

He had very few friends growing up, he often bullied other children. The only person he remotely considers a friend would be Simon. Rickard looks up to his Aunt Dacey Mormont.

Fifth Era. Edit

Rickard has entered his 17th year, and is becoming a man.

Family Edit

Jeor Mormont, father (deceased)

Lysa Mormont, mother (deceased)

Dacey Mormont, aunt

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