Rickard Whitehill, son of Edmure Whitehill and Lyanna Whitehill, is the current Overlord of House Whitehill and Lord of Highpoint. He currently serves as a bannerman to Lord Olyvar Bolton.

History Edit

Rickard was the first-born son of Edmure Whitehill and Lyanna Whitehill. He had one brother, Meryn Whitehill, and a sister, Meha Whitehill. Whereas Rickard was given preferential treatment, Meryn and Meha were neglected during their early years. This eventually culminated in bandits managing to steal away with the two younger siblings. Whilst Rickard managed to track them down, he arrived too late to stop the rape of his sister and the murder of his brother.

It was after this event that Rickard hardened somewhat. He trained both his sword and mind, preparing himself for his eventual rise to lordship. When he wasn't practicing, he was butchering bandits and quelling the rebellions of hedge knights and lesser lords. Over the next few years, he grew ever angrier at the scum and filth that the Wolfswood seemed to breed, even going as far as to flay some of them.

He has five children: Vance, Brandon, Meha (named after his sister), Alys and Damian.

Recent History Edit

Prior to the First Era Edit

At some point, House Whitehill and House Forrester waged a brutal and bloody war, resulting in the deaths of hundreds, including Rickard's third son, Kyren.

House Whitehill sided with the Starks during the Ascent of the Lion, where Rickard killed a minor Reach Lord.

Alys was married to Lord Ashwood, to form a marriage alliance.

Fifth Era Edit

Lord Rickard was able to form an alliance with Lord Bryan Forrester, resulting in a proper peace between their families. Rickard pledged a portion of his forces to the Forresters, in exchange for access to their Ironwood trees.

During this time, Rickard also met with the recently returned Olyvar Bolton, where he became involved in a plot to overthrow House Manderly. He was tasked with building ships to ferry a small retinue of troops into White Harbor.

Sixth Era Edit

On a visit to speak with Lord Bolton, Rickard dueled Steffon Hornwood in a trial by combat. Rickard defeated the Lord of Hornwood, and made plans to take control of Hornwood levies. Rickard was also given The Blades, Lord Bolton's elite bodyguards.

Upon his return to Highpoint, Rickard discovered the castle had been taken by traitorous troops. Whilst he was successful in retaking it, he lost a good portion of his garrison and his fourth-born son Damian. The Blades also perished. During this time, the bandits also fired the boats Rickard had been building.

Seventh Era Edit

Rickard, returning to The Dreadfort, was tasked with bringing the Mountain Clans into their alliance. In order to quell the growing discontent of his smallfolk, Rickard sent word to Lord Castos of House Ashwood, who agreed to dispose of the bandits in The Wolfswood once and for all.

Eighth Era Edit

Whilst en route to the mountains, Rickard began experiencing severe anxiety, brought on by his fear of failing Bolton.

Rickard and his men crossed Benfrey of House Liddle on the Kingsroad. Rickard traded steel for furs and snowshoes, and heeded Benfrey's advice on traveling the winter roads. Benfrey also gave him directions to the home of the Liddles.

Sometime later, Rickard met with Jason Liddle, who asked for Rickard's assistance in ruling the Liddle clan. During his time there, Rickard killed Aggar, a member of the Elder Council who was constantly opposing Jason. He also began forming a plan to defeat the Norreys, enemies of the Liddles, by exposing their leader as a gluttonous thief who has left his people to starve.

Family Edit

  • Wife
  • Vance Whitehill (Son, Heir to Highpoint)
  • Brandon Whitehill (Son)
  • Meha Whitehill (Daughter)
  • Kyren Whitehill (Son, deceased)
  • Alys Whitehill (Daughter, married to Lord Ashwood)
  • Damian Whitehill (Son, deceassed)

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