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Robyn Lynderly is the Lord of the Snakewood after the death of his father and his two elder brothers in a Clansmen attack.

History Edit

Robyn was never meant to be the Lord of The Snakewood as he was the third born child of Theomar Lynderly. He grew up as an apprentice to the game warden of forests surrounding their ancestral home.

To celebrate his brothers marriage Robyn's father had organised a feast and took the two eldest brothers on the hunt that ended in disaster. When they didn't return Robyn set out and found his brothers and fathers corpses. It was presumed to be a clansmen attack. Due to the rules of inheritance Robyn, subsequently, became the Lord of The Snakewood.

Recent Events Edit

Fifth Era Edit

At the Tourney of the Crossing, Robyn Lynderly was faced up against Ser Edric Brax of the Kingsguard in the lists where he lost in the first round of the jousting.

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