Roger Cray 2

Lord Roger Cray is a Crannogmen, the Lord of House Cray and bannerman to House Reed and House Stark of the North. He currently resides in Swamphorn, a village hidden in the swamps of The Neck and home to House Cray.

History Edit

Roger Cray was born in Swamphorn, the village of House Cray, a northern house in The Neck. He was brought up isolated from outside contact until his 18th name day as is tradition for the Crannogmen of House Cray. Upon his 18th name day he was married to Marrissa of House Peat, a fellow Crannogmen house of The Neck and the two went on to have a legitimate son, Hareth Cray and adopt the abandoned Matthos Snow.

At some point in time, Roger Cray hung Matthos Snow's actual father for an unknown crime, in response Snow's mother fled Swamphorn and left a baby Matthos behind. For unspecified reasons, Roger decided to adopt the child himself and raise it as his own son and despite the boy knowing the truth, he still looks to Roger Cray and Marrissa Peat as his legitimate parents.

Despite being a Lord himself, Roger has stated that he has a general dislike for them, especially higher Lords, Kings and Queens. He claimed that he and House Cray only answer to Cregan Reed and Jojen Stark as they are his Liege Lords and as such he is honoured to serve them.

Important Events Edit

Sixth Era Edit

Roger Cray throws a party in celebration of his son Hareth Cray's 18th name day, during the festivites he confronted and consoled his adopted son Matthos Snow over Snow's worries of not fitting in or being a true member of House Cray when compared to Hareth. Roger assured his adopted son that he was a "Man of Mud" just like Roger.

Some days later, Roger, Hareth and Matthos went toad hunting in one of the many swamps surrounding Swamphorn. During which Roger jokingly Scolded his son for wanting to be a more noble Lord by attending Balls, Feasts, Tourney and other things he had not experienced before. Here Roger reiterated his Loyalty to House Reed, House Stark and The North, claiming that the Noble Lords of the South have little to no honour and he does not respect them.

Family Members Edit

Marissa Peat, Wife.

Hareth Cray, Son.

Matthos Snow, Adopted Son.

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