Rohanne, also known as Red Rohanne, is a priestess of R'hllor. Her skin and accent point towards her being of Essos descent.


Little is known of Rohanne's history.

Recent HistoryEdit

Second Era:Edit

During the second era, Rohanne was found to be traveling west with ser Orson Blackwood. The two passed through Riverrun where Rohanne spoke with Lord Arthur Swyft, telling him the location of the Burning Hand's Men at Oldstones.

Fourth Era:Edit

Near the end of the fourth era Rohanne and Orson were now travelling north, and had been joined by a sellsword named Morrec and a boy named Sand. Rohanne had lost her touch with the red god, but as the events of the War of the False King reached their resounding finale she began receiving visions once more, the first being of a tower bathed in dragonfire.


"She’s a shadow herself. A shadow worshipping a flame." - Thoughts of ser Orson Blackwood

"Despite the cold, Rohanne’s lithe form was clothed in thin red silk. She did not seem to notice the snow melting in her hair and on her body, and framed in the firelight her skin was as dark as a starless sky, the droplets of water making it gleam like dragonglass." - Blood and Whispers

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