Rolland is a sellsword born in Mistwood to Ser Durran Storm, a bastard of Orys II baratheon. He is currently under hire by Byzos Tagaros of Volantis.

History Edit

Rolland was born a bastard to a Bastard of Orys II Baratheon named Durran Storm, While his father acknowledged him, he never truly took a liking to Rolland, who instead turned to the master at arms of MIstwood, where his father served. Rolland became skilled with Lance, Sword and Hammer. It appeared that he would seek knighthood like his father, but after turn 6 and ten he left mistwood to seek his fortune as a sellsword.

Important Events Edit

First Era Edit

Rolland took part in the Ascent of the Lion, Fighting for King Harys in the Battle of the kingswood.

Second Era Edit

Third Era Edit

Fourth Era Edit

Rolland returned to westeros to fight in the War of the False King for House Lannister.

Fifth Era Edit

Rolland Wandered around Essos with little work

Sixth Era Edit

Rolland continued to wander around Essos, still with little employment, until in Myr he heard rumors of Sellswords being needed in Volantis


"Idiot"-Ser Durran Storm

Family Members Edit

Ser Durran Storm, father

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