Ronnel Royce is the Lord of Runestone and commander of the Bronze Gauntlet. He is married to Elyssa Arryn, the younger sister of Nathaniel Arryn, the Regent Lord Paramount of the Vale.


Ronnel Royce, brother to Rymar Royce, is the current Lord of Runestone. When it comes to ruling, he lacks the political skills necessary to consolidate power, learn secrets, or wrap people around his fingers that his brother is known for.

His father died after falling off the battlements of the Red Keep, apparently due to a sickness.

Ronnel assumed the lordship, but relied heavily on his brother’s counsel. Always better at martial matters than political ones, he formed the Bronze Gauntlet, a group of highly skilled knights.

Important EventsEdit

First Era Edit

Ronnel Royce met with Lord Nathaniel Arryn's host as the Ascent of the Lion began. At the battle of the Kingswood, Ronnel led the Vanguard of the Vale men, and personally captured and defeated the Lord Commander of King Hary's Kingsguard, Ser Jaime Florent.

Second EraEdit

Ronnel embarked upon a mission to eradicate the mountain clans once and for all. Before leaving, he was betrothed to Elyssa Arryn.

Sixth Era Edit

After years of tireless fighting resulted in defeat, Ronnel returned home to marry Elyssa.

Quotes Edit

"Ronnel Royce has surpassed everything I could have thought he could do. Capturing Jaime Florent was not the only thing he did during the battle, he was commanding my Vanguard at the same time, with skill." - Nathaniel Arryn

"He's a strong fighter, and no doubt an honorable man." - Damon Lannister


Rymar Royce, brother (deceased)

Jon Royce, father (deceased)

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