Rylene Spicer is the older sister of Lord Antario Spicer, the current lord of Castamere.


Rylene is 
Cersei Seated by jezebel
the first born daughter of the former lord, Ryon Spicer and his lady wife Tyasha of House Clifton. She acts of Lady Spicer until Antario marries. She is known to be beautiful and lady-like as well as secretive and scheming, always looking for an opportunity to rise House Spicer to gain more influence and power. Despite

Rylene's proper personalty, it is rumored that she is a lesbian, but no one is ever certain. At the age of twenty and two, Rylene is still unwed but looks after her family.

Important Events Edit

Third Era Edit

Rylene stayed behind in Castamere to look after the keep as Antario and Sybell leave for King's Landing.

Quotes Edit

"There is no such thing as a male friend. There are men that you fuck and there are men that you don't fuck," - Rylene Spicer to her sister Sybell.

"Well, I don't see you with any men,"- Sybell Spicer hinting at Rylene's rumored sexual preference.

Family Edit

Lord Ryon Spicer- father (deceased)

Lady Tyasha Spicer- mother (deceased)

Ossifer Spicer- older brother (deceased)

Lord Antario Spicer- younger brother, current lord

Alekyne Spicer- younger brother, serving in the Nights Watch

Sybell Spicer- younger sister

Robin Spicer- younger brother

Ser Loras Clifton- older cousin (deceased)