Sar'sian is a well known and wealthy Meereenese pit fighter. He is dark of skin and hails from the Summer Isles.


Like any Summer Islander, Sar'sian is dark of skin. He has multiple piercings along his face and has a deep accent. He is considered smaller than the other pit fighters, but still retains a strength like the rest of them. While watching him fight, Alia notes how he is supremely agile, and that she would likely lose a fight against him. 

The Shadow in Slavers BayEdit

Sar'sian is with Zhanak when Alia awakes. He helps Zhanak explain the situation in which a slave rebellion would happen in Meeren. He attends training and gives advice to Alia should she fight a beast. He is present during the pit fight where Alia fights the unnamed criminal, and during the Coup of Meereen, is one of the pit fighters who helps assault the armory. Though he switches sides near the end, and helped Cleos Baratheon defeat H'zahk mo Rhazdar

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