Sebastion Foote was the lord of House Foote of Nightsong, where he grew up with the late lord Bryce Caron. He was killed by Bael Ashford during the Nightsong Conflict.

History Edit

He grew up as a playmate of Bryce Caron. At some point as a youth he fell in love with Alerie Ashford, whom he introduced to his friend, with whom Alerie fell in love and briefly betrothed.

His love for Alerie survived even after he had married Bryce's sister Marya, with whom he had four daughters. He was present at Alerie's death bed and Maeron's birth. The pain which followed her death was the main reason behind his alliance to House Ashford during the Nightsong Conflict and the reason he killed Bryce on the ship that would bring them to Driftmark.

Important events Edit

Fifth Era Edit

Sebastion Foote met with Lord Ashford to plan the taking of Nightsong. as the vassal lord of the Carons he was in charge and allowed the Ashford armies to enter without bloodshed. He played a role in convincing Maeron to their side. He was killed by Bael Ashford's hands as he was no longer needed during Nightsong's Siege.

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