Ser Raymond Uller (483 AC-) is an outcast from the Hellholt.


As the fourth son and youngest child of the six of Lord Lothor Uller and Lady Myranda Drinkwater, Raymond's future was bleak from birth. His silver hair bred rumours of bastardy and his petite size of weakness. At age 11, Raymond was sent to squire for Ser Ulwyck Velaryon, a knight unknown due to distant birth, being a fourth cousin of the lord Velaryon, and weak health.

Raymond's knighthood came at age 21 from the hand of his brother, Ser Edwyn Uller, after the first battle against Hightower forces in the War of the False King, shortly before his brother's death in the advances towards Oldtown. He lost his knightly master and distinguished himself fighting in the Red Mountains. In this same war, he lost both his father and brother. After these battles, he joined with Lannister-Targaryen forces outside Oldtown, commanding the 400 Uller men that remained. When Oldtown was finally captured, he fell in love with a commoner girl, who became his paramour, dying only months later giving birth to his bastard, Elyas Sand.

Fifth EraEdit

Raymond was banished four years into the reign of his brother Gavin after an argument that came into blows, being allowed to take whoever would follow him. He and sixty others rode to aid the Martell armies in their war against the Yronwoods, where he lost a majority of his following and was injured in his forehead and left ear, losing the lobe of the latter because of infection.

Sixth EraEdit

Raymond wandered Dorne after the battle, eventually arriving at Sunspear with the intention to swear loyalty to Sarella Martell as a household knight. However, after being rejected, the dejected Raymond left for Tyrosh, where he joined the company of Racallio Melos, leader of the Tyroshi Redhands cartel. However, after a disagreement with Racallio's son, Kurosh, Raymond was banished to the hold of the Fair Volaena, one of the Redhand ships, as a rower.


Lord Lothor Uller (deceased) - Father

Lady Myranda Drinkwater (51) - Mother

Ser Edwyn Uller (deceased) - Brother

Lord Gavin Uller (32) - Brother

Kyra Uller (29) - Sister

Bryan Uller (28) - Brother

Delena Uller (26) - Sister

Ellaria Uller - Cousin

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