Serra is a whore in Oldtown, originally from Lys.

Skin by leejun35-d6mn3ig

History Edit

Serra was born in 487 AC in the Old City to Barsena and Vylarr, a common couple. Her childhood was somewhat happy, her father doting on her and her siblings to counteract her mother's distant nature, but eventually they couldn't sustain her and gave her over to one of the pleasure houses when she became 8, not having enough money to support her and her 4 siblings as well as themselves.

She was somewhat bitter and sullen for the first few years she spent in that particular pleasure house, but she eventually grew accustomed to life there, learning various methods of pleasuring men and sometimes women from the owners and her fellow workers. She made a few friends among the older women who worked in the pleasure houses, and when she flowered, joined their ranks as the latest worker there.

When she turned 15, she decided to strike out on her own and go to Westeros, wanting to see what the Sunset Kingdoms were like after hearing stories about them at the docks. She paid for a boat with about 3/4ths of the coin she'd scraped up working there, ending up across the Narrow Sea in an Oldtown brothel, most of the whores there slightly taken by her exotic appearance

Her exotic appearance appealed to the smallfolk and occasionally the knights and lords who utilized that particular brothel without the knowledge of their wives. At 17, she's currently one of the most sought after whores in the entirety of Oldtown. When the news that war's coming to Oldtown reaches the ears of the whores there, she and the other whores take precautions, such as learning to use daggers in case their brothel's attacked.

Important Events Edit

Fourth EraEdit

In the fourth era, Serra was employed by a brothel in Oldtown and a popular choice of clients.

Fifth Era Edit

She made an attempt to escape the Oldtown harbor with her friends during Persion's attack on the docks, and was nearly successful in her attempt to escape. The Lyseni managed to get on a ship that began to leave the harbor, but was caught by Dagon Greyjoy's flagship, most of the crew being slain or taken prisoner. Serra and her friends were taken as salt wives by some of Dagon's crew and brought aboard Iron Victory.

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