Faith seven aspects

The Seven Pointed Star is the Holy Book of the Faith of the Seven. It comprises of multiple books, split into different categories depending on the Aspect. 

Books Edit

The Book of Divine Revelation

The Wisdom of The Father

The Wisdom of The Mother

The Book of Heroes

The Gospel of The Mother

The Gospel of The Warrior

The Gospel of The Smith

The Gospel of The Crone

The Gospel of The Stranger


The Book of Divine Revelation Edit

"...For men in darkness are as a dull knife, with every feeling less pronounced, and every virtue weakened to the point of non-existence..."

"...One who fights without wisdom, is assured of defeat..."

"...And so the Seven foreswore, revealing themselves only subtly, with few miracles to the People of Hugor...Yet the Souls in Darkness took no such oaths, and sent forth their own power to work miracles, claiming divinity for themselves..."

Use in the SubEdit

The Seven Pointed Star is often referenced by Septons and Septas.

The High Septon gifts King Damon Lannister with a copy, passive aggressively implying that he knows little of the faith due to his mother's belief in the Drowed God.

Septon Terrence Fossoway frequently preaches from the Seven Pointed Star.