Shykaya is a warrior maid of Hyrkoon, currently in Shamyriana. Just like every other resident of the Hyrkoon city-states, she was born from a Great Father and a warrior maid, likely having hundreds of siblings and half-siblings.


Although Shykaya prefers to keep her childhood unknown, she's been open about the city in which she grew up in, Kayakayanaya, north of Shamyriana. She's dealt with suspicions for most of her life but insists that there is nothing unusual about her or her childhood, while some still hold to the belief that she was born as a boy and castrated like the vast majority of Hyrkoon men. Since men cannot take another human life, it would be forbidden for Shykaya to be considered a warrior if these suspicions were true.

She is devout to the three Hyrkoon gods, especially the First Keeper, to which she prays for forgiveness regularly.

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