Jonny Klein Small Council Chamber

The Small Council is a small group of advisors who advise the ruling monarchs on matters of policy in their areas of expertise. The Council is headed by the King and Queen, or in their absence the Hand or a Regent. The members are appointed or dismissed by the King and Queen at will. Usually the Council is made up of seven members in accordance with Andal tradition, though extra advisors are not unusual. 

Small Council under King Harys Baratheon IEdit

??? - 500AC

Small Council under King Damon Lannister IEdit

500 AC - 505 AC

Former members of the Small Council: Thaddius Lannister (Lord Commander of the Kingsguard), Orin Baratheon (Grand Maester), Loren Lannister (Hand of the King), Moreo Martell (advisor), Ulrich Dayne (Lord Commander of The Kingsguard), Gylen Hightower (advisor)

Small Council under King Damon Lannister I and Queen Danae Targaryen IEdit

505 AC - Present

  • Aemon Estermont, Hand of the King - The King's head advisor and executor of his commands
  • Lyman, Master of Coin - Head of the Treasury and finances of the Kingdom
  • Eon Crakehall, Master of Laws - Oversees the Laws and Justice system for the Kingdom
  • Ghael the Tall, Master of Whispers - The spymaster, and head of intelligence
  • Alannys Greyjoy, Master of Ships - Oversees the Navy
  • Paxtor Redwyne, Grand Maester - Head Advisor on matters of Lore and Wisdom
  • Ryman Sunglass, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard

Former members of the Small Council: Orys Connington (Master of Coin), Rymar Royce (Master of Whispers), Nathaniel Arryn (Hand of the King)

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