Lord Stafford Sarwyck is the current Head of House Sarwyck and the Lord of Riverspring. He is the father of Cellador and Laena, as well as a bastard son, Jason Hill.

Appearance Edit

Stafford is tall and stern, with blue-green eyes with greying black hair with an equally greying beard. A number of scars litter his face.

Primarily wearing simple tunics in the red and silver of his house, Stafford prefers simpler, flexible clothing as opposed to the finery most nobles prefer.

History Edit

Lord Stafford was born in Riverspring to Lord Alester Sarwyck and his wife, Genna Harlton, in 470 A.C. The fourth born son, he is the younger brother of Daven, Alester and Raynald and the elder brother of Edric.

Content that he'd never be Lord of Riverspring, Stafford trained himself so that he might serve his brother as Master-of-Arms, or Captain of the Household Guard. Sadly, over the course of a mere two years (487AC and 488AC), his brother's all met their ends (Daven to illness, Alester to a sparring accident, and Raynald to an infected wound gained fighting bandits.). In 490 AC, his father also died, and Stafford rose to succeed his father. Due to the loss of his elder brothers, he tries to keep on good terms with his younger brother, Edric.

Staying loyal to his Lannister overlords, Stafford grew grim and unsmiling. Due to his upbringing, he puts a lot of faith in his advisers to run his castle. This is in stark contrast to his views on actual faith, having slowly lost any faith in The Seven he had once had. During the Ascent of the Lion, Stafford led the Sarwyck forces personally, and was quietly glad for a chance to fight and put his true skills to use. In more recent years, Stafford has begun restorative efforts in his keep, Riverspring having fallen into a sorry state over the last few centuries.