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Steffon Sarwyck is the first born son of Lord Martyn Sarwcyk. He was banished from his father's land out of pure hatred and spite. As a result he fled to Essos to fight for his fame and fortune as a sellsword.

History Edit

Steffon spent the majority of his life in Coldmoat being raised by his Uncle the Master at Arms, Ser Willem Sarwyck, who was married to Olenna Webber. His father was a cruel feeble man who despised children and Steffon in particular as he killed his mother during childbirth. During his early years Steffon suffered from neglect and abuse from his father and was raised by Maester Emmon until he was sent to Coldmoat.

On his eleventh name-day his uncle named him his squire where he served and trained for the forthcoming years.

Recent History Edit

Fourth Era Edit

When the War of the False King broke out instead of returning to Riverspring to fight alongside the armies of the Westerlands, Steffon stood alongside his Uncle and fought under the banner of House Webber in the name of Gylen Hightower. Upon his Uncles death Steffon returned to his father at Riverspring although upon his return his father had a new wife and a young daughter.

His father was a Westerlands loyalist and refused to let him back into their ancestral home after fighting for Gylen Hightower. Now under the possession of a new fertile wife his father banished him to never to return and as a result he fled to Essos to fight for his fame and fortune as a sellsword.

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