Sybell is a lady of House Buckler.


Growing up as the eldest daughter of Lord Kellington, Sybell commanded her younger siblings in many of their daily duties. As a child Sybell was stubborn often refusing to cooperate with her maids, septons or family. As she grew older, she was considered haughty or overbearing by many of her Father’s preferred suitors and family servants.

After several heated discussion with her Father the former Lady of House Kellington was eventually married to Lord Eustace Buckler. Originally their marriage was one of politics, but like most marriages the country had seen love eventually developed. Lord and Lady Buckler have two heirs – Otto II and Lucos, aged 40 and 35 respectively. The relationship between these children at times became tense. However, Sybell acts in their best interests of House Buckler, she hopes to make them one of the more recognizable house of the Stormlands.

Sybell is aged fifty and five and by all means is physically ordinary. She has iron grey hair which is often tied back sternly. She dresses modestly often in the colors of House Buckler – cobalt blue. Her husband’s house has become a significant part of her life.

The death of Eustace Senior only made her more determined in her reach for power. Sybell doesn’t want his legacy to be for naught.

What Sybell lacks in physical strength or beauty she makes up for in charisma. As a shrewd trader Lady Buckler managed to negotiate her son’s marriage to Jeyne of Tarth in order to become a significantly more powerful house of the Stormlands. Although, power remains important to her, family always comes first. Her loyalty is unquestioned and her children’s welfare remain her paramount concern.

Sybell admires House Tarth and how not so many years ago they were in a similar position of power. Now, a member of the House sits on the Kingsguard itself. This proves to her, that with the right amount of negotiation, charisma and brute strength just about anything can be possible.

The Faith of the Seven has become an essential part of Sybell’s lifestyle. She hopes to exemplify the protectiveness of the Mother, the gentleness of the Maid and the wisdom of the crone. Her religious ideologies drive many of her decisions. However, in the Game of Thrones Lady Buckler is willing to put it all on the line for even the slightest chance of glory. 

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