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Sybell Spicer is the second daughter of Lord Ryon Spicer and Lady Tyasha Spicer, a woman from House Clifton.

History Edit

She is a free-spirited young maiden of sixteen years. Her older brother, Antario is the current lord of Castamere. Her best friend is a stable-boy in the name of Ryles.

Important Events Edit

Third Era Edit

She and her lord brother, Antario leave Castamere to travel to King's Landing in hopes to convince King Damon to sent aid to the Westerland gold mines after another fatal collapse in Castamere.

Quotes Edit

Family Edit

Lord Ryon Spicer- father (deceased)

Lady Tyasha Spicer- mother (deceased)

Ossifer Spicer- eldest brother (deceased)

Rylene Spicer- older sister

Lord Antario Spicer- older brother

Alekyne Spicer- older brother (serves in the Nights Watch)

Robin Spicer- younger brother

Ser Loras Clifton- older cousin (deceased)

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