Sylas is a sellsword who originally lived as a slave in the fighting pits of Volantis. He now travel through Essos offering his services wherever the coin flows most readily. Due to his face becoming heavily disfigured by a bout of Greyscale that he survived as a child, he often wears a mask.

History Edit

Sylas was born an orphan of unknown origins near the outskirts of Volantis, where he was eventually found and raised by a merchant he encountered in a cyvasse parlor. Upon contracting Greyscale several years later, however, his adoptive father quickly sold him off to a fighting pit owner to get him away from his actual family.

The boy turned slave would survive both his disease and the bloody matches he was forced to participate in, until after spending a good majority of his life in the fighting pits, he finally won his freedom and began selling his skills in combat for profit.

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