Talla is a handmaiden and paramour to Queen Danae Targaryen.

History Edit

Talla's father was the Prince of Sweet Lotus Vale in the Summer Islands, but lost his seat when she was ten and eight. Banished, the family went to Myr where her father obtained a seat on a magister's court and her brother joined the city watch as an archer.

Seeking adventure, Talla became a dancer in the employ of a man from the Free Cities.

Important Events Edit

Fifth Era Edit

Queen Danae Targaryen first took note of Talla at the wedding feast of Eon Crakehall and Elena Estermont, held at Casterly Rock. Talla accompanied her back to King's Landing, and the Queen explained her as a language tutor and lady in waiting.

Quotes Edit

"The Summer Islander never opened her mouth. She sat there peaceably in a short silk gown with beaded sleeves, nodding when she saw Meredyth and Joanna nod, smiling when they smiled, and similarly adjusting all of her facial expressions to match their own. It did not take long for Meredyth to realize that the woman had no idea what anyone was ever saying." - thoughts of Meredyth Tyrell

"There is a woman in my court from the Summer Islands, a dancer named Talla here of her own free will. Some nights she shares my bed. The King is aware, as he’s typically present on those nights as well." - Danae Targaryen

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