Flea bottom
The Fleas were a group of young thieves from Flea Bottom of King's Landing.

Recent HistoryEdit

Second EraEdit

Several Fleas confronted Cleos Baratheon in the streets of Flea Bottom, believing him to be a member of a rival gang led by a boy named Brave Ben. Cleos managed to scare them off with his castle-forged steel. Later, Cleos was attacked by Brave Ben and his gang. He managed to kill Brave Ben, and, upon witnessing this, the Fleas propositioned him to join them.

After Cleos robbed a septon, the Fleas officially welcomed him as one of their own. They showed him their hideout, Sanctuary, under a burned-down pot-shop in Flea Bottom.

Throughout the second era the Fleas committed a spree of petty crimes, stealing from rich merchants and redistributing the goods to the worse-off of Flea Bottom. Near the end of the second era, Cleos managed to convince the Fleas to commit a more ambitious crime: stealing weapons and armor from the armory of the goldcloaks. They were successful due to several drunk guards, and made off with a large amount of loot.

Due to the incompetence of the old commander of the goldcloaks, Godry Borrell, Loren Lannister replaced him with commander Titus and initiated a city-wide man-hunt for the missing armor and perpetrators.

Cleos abandoned the Fleas when he believed his life to be in danger, fleeing to Essos.

Third EraEdit

Xo, a member of the Fleas, was captured and tortured by commander Titus and eventually gave up the location of Sanctuary after which he was killed.

When Xo went missing many of the Fleas scattered. The goldcloaks only managed to capture a handful who were put in gibbets until they starved to death.

Fourth EraEdit

Dom, a former member of the Fleas, is now whispered to be a sword for hire within King's Landing, working out of the burned-out pot-shop that once housed Sanctuary.

Known MembersEdit


Jaime Waters, known as the Tattered Prince, killed by goldcloaks

Dom, now a sellsword in King's Landing

Cleos Baratheon, known as Joff, fled to Essos where he continued his attempt for the iron throne

Xo, tortured and killed by commander Titus

Yoren, known as Yor, escaped King's Landing, but was captured by the Kingswood Children. With the help of Beren Merryweather he managed to escape, but has not been heard from since

Osyrk, fate unknown

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