The Nightfort is one of the castles along the Wall. It was abandoned by the Night's Watch two hundred years before the War of the Five Kings. King Stannis took command of the Nightfort for a short time, bringing it up to defensible and working function, however after the threat of the Others subsided it was soon abandoned again.

History Edit

The Nightfort was the first castle on the Wall, and the largest.

Garrison Edit

Officers Edit

Commander - Artos Harclay

Ranger Commander - Beric Storm

Lord Steward - Addam Warmtide

Lord Builder - Edric Frog-Eater

Maester - Maester Jon

Watchmen Edit

Ranger - Rickon

Ranger - Gregor

Ranger - Rickard

Ranger - Brandon Snow

Recruit - Jon Fossoway

Recruit - Andar

Important Events Edit

Third Era: Edit

Artos Harclay begins arrangements to lead a contingent of men to take command of the Nightfort and bring her into commission and service for rangings and protecting the Wall.

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