The Sand Gate is a fortress currently under construction placed strategically across a narrow section of valley in the Prince's Pass.

About Edit

The plans for the Sand Gate were initially commissioned by Lord Arron Fowler of Skyreach in an attempt to stem the tide of refugees fleeing the flooded and disease stricken kingdoms to the north. After securing a section of valley that had been made impassable from debris left behind by the recent flooding during the Spring Without Sun, Lord Fowler instituted a checkpoint to keep the sick out of Dorne. With the permission of Princess Sarella Martell Lord Fowler also instituted a tax on the refugees seeking a new life in Dorne.

Using the money gained from the taxes instilled on the refugees, and utilizing the same refugees who were desperate for work, Lord Fowler began construction of the new fortress in 503 AC. After two years of construction the first and arguably most important section of the fortress, the Main Gate and Northern Wall, was completed in the summer of 505 AC.

Design Edit

The curtain wall stands seventy-five feet tall anchored by a large bulwark tower on each end that reach a height of ninety feet. Each tower is peppered with nearly a score of guard turrets. The main gatehouse has two more identical crenelated bulwarks which flank the arched gate from either side.

The wall runs a mere three hundred feet across a narrow stretch of the valley flanked on either end by almost sheer cliff face. On the northern side of the massive Sand Gate is a drawbridge that lays across a moat reaching a depth of almost forty feet down onto discarded rocks removed during early construction.

Much of the fortress is still incomplete, with a barracks, an armory, and other various additions still to be made.

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